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C-SWARM | Center for Shock Wave-processing of Advanced Reactive Materials


Center for Shock Wave-processing of Advanced Reactive Materials

Ibrahim Emre GunduzIbrahim Emre Gunduz

Associate Professor
Naval Postgraduate School
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department

V&V/UQ and Experimental Physics Team

Field(s) of Interest

Nanostructured energetic materials synthesis, characterization and modeling, high-speed deformation induced phenomena including nanostructure formation, reactions, diffusion and phase transformations

Description of Your Work/Project in C-SWARM

Design/perform experiments for investigating high-speed impact induced reactions in mechanically activated energetic materials.


Marie Curie Fellow

Degree(s) Held:

Mechanical Engineering/
Materials Science,
Northeastern University,
Boston, MA,

Selected Publications

  1. I. E. Gunduz, S. Onel, C. C. Doumanidis, C. Rebholz, S. F. Son, “Simulations of nanoscale Ni/Al multilayer foils with intermediate Ni2Al3 growth”, App. Phys. Lett. 117 (21) (2015) 214904.

  2. B. A. Mason, T. Sippel, L. Groven, I. E. Gunduz, S. F. Son, “Combustion of Mechanically Activated Ni/Al Reactive Composites with Microstructural Refinement Tailored using Two-Step Milling”, Intermetallics, 66 (2015) 88-95.

  3. A Hadjiafxenti, IE Gunduz, CC Doumanidis, C Rebholz, “Spark ignitable ball milled powders of Al and Ni at NiAl composition”, Vacuum 101 (2014), 275-278.

  4. K. Fadenberger, I. E. Gunduz, C. Tsotsos, M. Kokonou, S. Gravani, S. Brandstetter, A. Bergamaschi, B. Schmitt, P. H. Mayrhofer, C. C. Doumanidis, C. Rebholz, “In situ observation of rapid reactions in nanoscale Ni-Al multilayer foils using synchrotron radiation“, App. Phys. Lett. 97 (1) (2010) art. no. 144101.